Education & Employment

Go South!

This is a programme which has a double focus.

The first offers clients the opportunity to gain the next step up in their drivers licence.  Once this has been achieved the client will embark on a work focus programme gaining skills to assist with their CV, Interview Skills and ultimately the job.

The second focus is about Going South.  With the aid of the Employment Coach, MSD and employers in other regions, we are able to take you to where the jobs are.  We currently work with the Hawke's Bay region and source jobs within the horticultural industry.  As a group, you will be supported to gather the equipment and information required to head south.  We will transport you down there and make sure you have everything sorted – accommodation, clothing, food supplies etc.  We will support you with people based in the Hawke's Bay along with your tutor from Kaitaia keeping in contact and liaising with your employer.  He will be able to troubleshoot any problems and make sure you only have to concentrate on the job.

As you will be in a team of people from Kaitaia, you will also have support from your colleagues who will have become your workmates.

This programme does everything possible to set you up in an area where there are lots of jobs to keep you employed.