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Selection Criteria and Applying

The Salvation Army Education and Employment Warehouse Stationery Scholarship

If you’re ambitious and want to progress onto further study or training, but you’re having second thoughts due to the cost of fees, the Warehouse Stationery Scholarship could be for you.

The selection criteria are:

Personal Criteria

  • be currently engaged [1] with The Salvation Army or have successfully completed The Warehouse Red Shirts in Community Programme [2].

  • be nominated by a Salvation Army or reputable mentor [3] who is willing to provide ongoing support for the duration of study.

  • be aged between 16 and 24 at the time of study and be a NZ resident.

  • have personal financial circumstances that preclude moving on to further study. In addition other personal circumstances which pose challenges to future success will also be considered.

Tertiary Study Criteria

  • meet the entry criteria for a diploma or trade qualification at a Polytechnic – i.e. NCEA L2 or L3 that is delivered as an on-campus learning programme (extramural courses are not eligible for the scholarship). Apprenticeships are eligible for the first year of study but will not have fees paid for subsequent years when apprentices are paid.

  • must be studying at this level for the first time. Applicants must not have failed previously at tertiary study and must not have previously enrolled and/or achieved a level four trade qualification or level 5/6 vocational diploma.

  • be likely to succeed in a vocational trade or diploma programme of study. Where progression is deemed unsatisfactory the scholarship will be withdrawn.

Scholarship Recipient Commitments

  • be able to appropriately represent the Warehouse Stationery brand while working in store for a minimum four hours per week during the programme of study.

  • be available to participate in promotional activities in relation to being a Warehouse Stationery Scholarship recipient and provide regular updates of the learning journey.


[1] ‘Engaged with The Salvation Army’ means being a recipient of social or education services offered by The Salvation Army over a duration exceeding three months.

[2] Complete the three week in-store experience as part of the The Warehouse Red Shirts in Community Programme.

[3] Only applies to those applicants that have completed The Warehouse Red Shirts in Comminity Programme.

If you meet the criteria you could be eligible to recieve the scholarship (your study fees paid for the duration of your study - up to $6000 per year). We look forward to receiving your application.

Download the application form here.

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